Hydroponics 24 Plants model

Hydroponics 24 Plants model


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The Urban Kisaan 24 plant kit is perfect for feeding a family of 2 and fits expediently in balconies

The 24 plants system has a vertical orientation and is very efficient on space and can fit comfortably in most balconies and rooftops. Start growing all your salads, spinach, basil and various other herbs.

Skill Level – Medium
Maintenance – 20 mins a week,
Growing Capacity – 24 plants at a time,
Grow – Leafy greens/ Herbs,
Ideal Placement – Inside/Outside the House,
Material – Food Grade PVC

– 4 NFT pipes with 24 grow spots
– Stand
– 24 Net Pots
– 2 Set of Special Nutrients
– Seeds

Delivery time 7-15 days